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Over seventy years ago, a group of local retired teachers met to establish an organization that would enable them to maintain friendship, share their interests, and work together to improve the conditions of retirees. Today, SWWSRA includes Certified and Classified Retired School Employees, Retired Administrative Personnel, and School Employees who are still working (Active Teachers).

Unit 30’s monthly meetings consists of local, county, and Washington State issues. Subjects have covered history, politics, humor, health, celebrations, educational trends, and many more. Our outreach programs provide scholarships funds for those pursuing a teaching career, Mini-Grants for active teachers, money for school supplies through our school district’s foundations, and volunteering at service agencies and schools.

$1000 to the Foundation for Vancouver Pubic Schools

President Linda Bannon and Treasurer Marty Erickson gave $1000 to the Foundation for Vancouver Pubic Schools as part of SWWSRA’s annual donations.

Irma Slocum

Irma Slocum turned 100 years. Over 200 cars drove by and gave her happy wishes, balloons, flowers, certificates and much more!

certificate with Irma
            certificate with Irma

Latest Journal Issue

Oct., Nov., Dec. 2021 Issue of Journal

Latest Issue of Journal
Latest Issue of Journal


"The SWWSRA is a wonderful source of information as to what Olympia is doing for our organization. Also, we have great entertainment during the year and very informative speakers on health, safety, etc. at our meetings."

~Loretta Babbitt 10-17-19

"WSSRA is my path to stay in contact with the Washington State legislature. The Association works hard to improve and protect my benefits. I enjoy the WSSRA website, The Journal, and monthly luncheons. These keep me abreast of health, travel, and economic matters. I especially like that my unit gives mini-grants to teachers for various projects that benefit students in our local school districts. Our unit’s Friendship committee acknowledges member birthdays, get wells, thinking of yous, and sends cards to families to honor deceased members. Each May we honor our deceased members with a memorial ceremony. Lastly the social interaction with other members is a enjoyable way to keep abreast of the past, present, and future community activities."

~Jane Madden


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